The white cat that appears in the third act of the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. The cat says "Women now aren't cats but leopards." and transfroms into a leopardess. My friend Shuji designed a leotard expressing that scene. He is a model for the magazines like Men's Non-No and Popeye and he's also studying at a career college to become a fashion designer.

Sena was the model this day. "Sena, You don't need to transform yourself into a leopard because you're already one" says Shuji. She is 21 years old, with a slender body and bewitching aura. Shuji, 20 years old, loves the Rococo culture of fin de siecle. These two are best friends and they have promised to have a bogus marriage.

They really reminds me of Marc and Amanda from Ugly Betty....

all of photographs are taken by Emi Kusano