Tokyo Collection now!

そもそもなんでモードの祭典、東京コレクションにLIZ LISAって誰もが口を揃えて行っていたけど.... (少なくとも報道席は。)


VANQUISHにはDAIGOとDJ オズマが登場。 そして、、KEITAMARUYAMAのショーには江角マキコ、山田優が登場。

とにかく、beautiful peopleの野外でのゲリラ風インスタレーションや、ニコニコ動画の生配信、mikio sakabe、YUIMA

Almost everybody said "Why LIZ LISA on Tokyo Collection, the festivity of Mode?" (At least the press did)
The smell of roses, huge screen and remixes of pop music that you might hear at 109, the site was like the Tokyo Girl's Collection held a month ago.

Unlike the ones being worn by the unique models at TGC, I think I was able to concentrate more on the clothes.
At the end, Risa Fujii, a model for Vivi, came.

In any case, although its really rare for talents to come to the Tokyo Collection as guests, there were many of them this time.
The enka singer, Sachiko Kobayashi, at this morning's "GUT'S DYNAMITE CABARETS".

DJ Ozma and DAIGO were at VANQUISH. I wasn't able to put up any photos but Makiko Ezumi and Yu Yamada were on KEITAMURAYAMA's show.

Anyway, from the outdoor guerilla style installations by beautiful people and Niconico douga's live broadcast to mikio sakabe and YUIMA NAKAZATO's open show, on this year's Tokyo Collection, there were many events that involved the public.
I wonder if there are more guests to come?