just got back from New York

Emiです! 一昨日NYから帰って来ました!!

私は春休みを利用して、自分の写真が展示してあるファッション聖地 "Museum of FIT"で現在絶賛開催中のJapan Fashion Nowの展示を見に行った。Japanese Streetsで掲載させていただいた写真数点が巨大スクリーンに、私の名前のクレジットと一緒に表示されていた。

Hey It's Emi, just came back in Tokyo from NY the day before yesterday! I'm not sure what led us to the Big Apple, but somehow about 20 friends of mine were in NY this February. Of course it's because of fashion week since I know so many people from fashion industry but even there were my friends from high school and junior high.

The main purpose of my NY trip was to see the exhibition in Museum of FIT. My street snapshots are being showcased as one of presentment of "Japan Fashion Now exhibition". The kids of Harajuku I shot for Japanesestreets.com went on the screens of the museum with my credit.

I was so honored that my works were displayed with outfits designed by designers such Issey Miyake, Yoji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo.

In addition,there are many fascinating works which new generation of Japanese fashion industry such as matofu, Undercover, visvim and so on. And my friend Noritaka Tatehana's amazing shoes were also showcased. This exhibition was so cool and made me be proud of Japanese fashion.


The Museum at FIT
227 West 27th Street
New York, 10001, United States

※Japan Fashion Nowは好評につき3ヶ月延長し、2011年4月2日まで開催してます。

最初は意図してなかったけど、私の滞在期間とニューヨークコレクションの日程が幸運にもかぶっていたので、いくつかのショーに遊びにいってみた! Anna Sui, Diesel Black Gold, Besty Johnson, DKNYなど.... 憧れのブランドばかり。。。

I didn't intend to in the first place, but fortunately I was able to go to New York Fashion Week while my staying. I had so much fun with many shows! Anna Sui, Diesel Black Gold, Besty Johnson, DKNY and more.... My favorite brands!
It was my first time to be attending for foreign fashion shows.


I will blog about collection reports, snapshots,and stuff. Please check them out!