The Sartorialist

What a day!

At the United Arrows's boutique in Harajuku, Scot Schuman the photographer from one of the most popular fashion blogs in whole world

The Sartorialist

came to hold the meet & greet for his fans in Japan.

As one of the biggest fan of him, Of course I went there to get his autograph to my book like everybody there did.


I've got like 3 minutes to talk to him, so I told him that I've been checking his blog like everyday from last year, and I showed some of my street snap shots and gave the magazine which my works on. I was thrilled to see him.

After say goodbye to him I thought I would never seen him again..BUT tokyo can be


In the evening, when I was hanging out with my friend Marie's friend(Marie went work) Alice from Italy and Hanna from German, we three bumped into Scott S on the street!!!

He was slyly eating Japanese sweets which were in expensive chamber.

"Wanna go to

PuriKura shooting

with us?"

He said " Sure please show some interesting stuff in Tokyo! I get bored so fast I want some entertaining! "

About one and half hour, we tour him to Purikura booth, Yoyogi Park, Opening Ceremony, and 109.

We talked about so many things about Japanese fashion...He is quit keen and it was interesting to talk to him.

Come to think of it, he works for Vouge frece, American GQ magazine and Elle, has been also nominated by "Fast Company Magazine" as "100 Most Creative People In Business".

I totally freaked out just like when I accidently went to shopping with Nicky Hilton..

Oh my god, today was so unrealistic. Anyway Scott was such an awesome guy! We love him so much<3